The AOD Days are a festival taking place from 8 – 10 June 2018 in the THE CAGE club, Rathenauplatz 6 in Cologne in the immediate vicinity of the ART OF DARK shop.

ART OF DARK and THE CAGE present you an exciting mixture of shopping, café, live music and party!

Before the gigs, you can enjoy some shopping at the ART OF DARK (from 10:00am to approx. 10.00pm) or just chill out in the beer garden and have a drink or two (open from 2:00pm).

Concerts start at 4:00pm and end at around midnight in THE CAGE followed by an after show party until the early hours.



Post punk/new wave. Peter Slabbynck, Geert Maertens (guitars) and Johan
Isselee (drums) founded the band – originally named The Bungalows – in 1978. Later
they renamed it Red Zebra. Red Zebra dissolved in 1986, but the original members
have been touring again since the 90s.


The Arch are a Belgian electro-wave band that released its first demo
Revenge Revival in 1987 and promptly made its way on the
EXPO87 sampler. The Arch’s music is characterised by a
blend of samples, synths and guitars. The club hit Babsie ist
is certainly known to every clubber, but their recent single
is a hit as well.


The Creeping Terrors were first founded under the name Dementia No. 13
(after the excellent British horror movie) in London at the beginning of 2014.
Their music is a strange brew that intensely expresses how and what they feel:
goth, horror, humour, feminism, punk – a blend of all this! So join the mosh pit
and don’t be afraid to ruin your make-up.


Kadeadkas are a stunning post-punk band from Germany and Croatia.
Their music is an anachronistic fusion of deep, dark vocals, driving drums,
jagged guitars and booming bass lines.
It has the raw energy of the UK positive punk movement and elements of
Neue Deutsche Welle combined with a hint of early 60s psychedelia.


After the musicians behind Melanculia could only be seen in other projects
in recent years, Nino and his dazed prophets (Drobi, Jo and Quoth) now revive
long forgotten sounds. Melanculia stun their listeners with their unique indie
attitude that oscillates – sometimes dreamily, sometimes wildly – between the
written off 70s, 90s and the synthetic modern times.


SADDISCORE was founded in August 2011 to realise its own blend of
classic heavy metal with modern elements. The band created an interesting
mix of hard rhythms, catchy tunes, whipping drums and varied vocals.
Their lyrics reflect a critical view on life and modern society.

Concerts followed by a party with DJ KÄMPFER
(Hell Nights, Devil‘s Cage, Temple of Goth)



The Saint Paul create their own unique sound that combines elements of
dark electro, EBM and synthpop reminding the listener of New Order and
OMD as well as Project Pichtfork and Skinny Puppy. Their music is good to
dance to and still impressive, intimate and strange, catchy and acute,
pagan and holy: Saul and Paul.


Ben Bloodygrave wondered for quite a long time how his favourite punk
bands might have sounded had they used synths instead of guitars and
drums. So he began to experiment with sounds to test it. This was the
beginning of his solo project Ben Bloodygrave and his stage appearance.
BBG is all DIY.


Cabaret Bizarre
Cabaret Bizarre is an underground synthpop formation from Hamburg
consisting of Frank Heiner, Anne Hielscher and Thomas Zdunek.
They call their music underground synthpop thus accurately describing it
as not only including pure synthpop elements, but also influences from dark wave,
futurepop, black cabaret and the eighties.


Cold wave, dark wave, electro, post punk
Crying Vessel are Slade Templeton and drummer Basil who shake up
the alternative dark wave scene. Templeton’s love for the
80s and post punk always shines through their sound. When hearing
a song by The Cure do you sometimes think “I love it, but to me
it could have a bit more oomph or weight?” – Then, Crying Vessel
are what you’re looking for.


Minimal, electro, new wave
In 1992, the goth rock band Darc Entries was founded. The two
original members, Matthias Günzler and Schips, experimented
in an electro project called Plastikstrom from 1995 onwards. Wimp
was also a founding member of the group and still is part of it.

Concerts followed by a party with DJ MARCEL P.
(Hymnen an die Nacht, La Nuit de L`ankou)



Sieben’s music is based on violin sounds.
But he not only plays his violin the usual way by bowing or plucking the strings, but
often coaxes from it weird and strangely beautiful sounds. He only uses
few additional instruments such as a cajón as well as a loop pedal.
Sieben’s music combines classical, popular as well as folk elements –
an arresting mix that is sometimes likened to film music and is characterised
by a melancholy undertone.


Thomas Truax is a solo steampunk/goth entertainer and mad
scientist extraordinaire who puts a spell on his listeners with his obscure and fascinating
self-made instruments, gadgets and devices. Amongst other things, he also
made his very own version of the music of David Lynch films…


Noir sound, batcave.The charismatic dark pop queen Brigitte Handley, best known as singer of the
Australian band The Dark Shadows, honours our festival with her solo appearance.
Charged with melancholic gravity she creates an incredible musical
atmosphere which you will find hard to resists.




  1. A) 3 Day ticket (all concerts, all parties)* = 45 EURO
  2. B) 1 Day ticket Friday (bands and party) = 25 EURO
  3. C) 1 Day ticket Saturday (bands and party) = 25 EURO
  4. D) 1 Day ticket Sunday (bands and party) = 25 EURO

 Admission to parties only (after concerts) = 6 EUR per night


Opening hours:

Before the gigs, you can enjoy some shopping at the ART OF DARK (from 10:00am to approx. 10.00pm) or just chill out in the beer garden and have a drink or two (open from 2:00pm) at reasonable prices.

8 June: from 4:00pm to approx. 5:00am
9 June: from 4:00pm to approx. 5:00am
10 June: from 4:00pm to approx. 1:00am